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54 diameter inch j.k innes tray column
( 1372 diameter mm j.k innes tray column )

IPPE Stock Number: 706536

Equipment Category COLUMN
Sub Group TRAY
Product Description 1370mm/1829mm diameter x 27.6m total height 321 stainless steel (10.5% Ni) tray Dehydration column system, column was designed by ICI and manufactured by J.K. Innes, job #65024, design pressure 12.6 barg + full vacuum@ 230 deg C, 36.6 m3 capacity, top section is 1370mm diameter x 20.6m straight side with (45) 321 stainless steel single pass valve trays, bottom section 1829mm diameter x 2.6m straight side with internal reboiler, weld dished bottom, bolt bonnet top, mounted on a 4.8m high carbon steel skirt, the top of the column has an internal overhead condenser which is mounted in the top head, this is 107 square meter 321 stainless steel (18.8/ti) ’U’ tube and carbon steel head vertical heat exchanger (overhead condenser), (1170 square feet), manufactured by Johnson Hunt, design pressure tube side 75 psig + full vacuum @ 70 deg C, shell side 150 psig + full vacuum @ 230 deg C, (250) ¾” diameter x 16 swg x 3.3m straight leg 321 stainless steel (18/8/ti) ‘U’ tubes, 6-pass, 686mm diameter x shell, (1) carbon steel bonnet head, bottom side of the column has a reboiler welded horizontally into it, this is 119 square meter 316 stainless steel ‘U’ tube and carbon steel head horizontal heat exchanger (Reboiler), manufactured by Motherwell Bridge Thermal, design pressure tube side 315 psig + full vacuum @ 166 deg C, shell 185 psig + full vacuum @ 110 deg C, (277) ¾” diameter x 14 swg x 1.7m straight leg 316 stainless steel low-fin ‘U’ tubes, 2-pass, 736mm diameter shell, (1) carbon steel bonnet head, Process Description: Feed flowing at 12.5 mt/hr to the column enters a 3” nozzle at tray #28 but there are alternate feed nozzles at trays #24 and #32.An internal condenser is used in the top of this column to condense the product in the overhead stream. The condenser has type 18/8 stainless steel tubes. The condensed product is free of water and flowed at 2.8 mt/hr in the previous set-up. Intermediate-pressure steam is used on the reboiler to provide the separation momentum in the column. The reboiler has type 316 stainless steel tubes. The bottoms stream of the column is 99% water at 9.7 mt/hr. It is pumped away for further processing by two canned, four-stage pumps rated for 20 m3/hr (1,468 gpm) each. (pumps not available)


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