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24979 cfm clark centrifugal compressor
( 42440 m3/h clark centrifugal compressor )

IPPE Stock Number: 212808

Equipment Category COMPRESSOR
Capacity 24979 CFM / 42440 M3/h
Product Description 24,979 acfm, CS, compound centrifugal compressor with seven impellers and labyrinth seals. Manufactured by Clark. Model Number 4M9-7. Serial Number 4-7-1285. Inlet pressure is 14.07 psia in the first section and 40.4 psia in the second section, inlet temperature is 100 degrees F.in both the first and second section. The type of gas handled is air, with an average compressibility factor of 1.0. The first section discharge pressure is 42.9 psia and the second section discharge pressure is 86 psia. The discharge temperature at the first section is 373.5 degrees F and at the second section it is 281.6 degrees F. The pressure drop between sections is approximately 2 psi. This compressor operates at 5380 rpm with a BHP of 2662 in the first section and 1748 in the second. The maximum continuous speed for this machine is 5,650 rpm and the first critical speed is 2,670 rpm. This compressor has up connections, Inlet sizes are 30" and 10" discharge sizes are both 20". This compressor is part of a train that is direct driven by a steam turbine (IPP# 212810) through a gear reducer (IPP# 212811). This compressor shares a common lubrication skid.


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