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734 cfm centrifugal compressor
( 1247 m3/h centrifugal compressor )

IPPE Stock Number: 212812

Equipment Category COMPRESSOR
Capacity 734 CFM / 1247 M3/h
Product Description 734 CFM stage one, 2016 cfm, recycle stage, forged CS case, compound centrifugal compressor, with 5 impellers. Manufactured by Clark (Dresser Rand), Model Number 2BF7-5, SN # 2-5-1289. First stage,-Inlet pressure 1795.7 psia, Inlet temperature 90 degrees F. Average compressibility factor 1.078. Discharge pressure at compressor flange 2529.9, discharge temperature 128.3 degrees F. Second stage( or recycle gas) Inlet pressure 2337.9 psia, Inlet temperature 63 degrees F. Average compressibility factor 1.036. Discharge pressure at compressor flange 2523.4, discharge temperature 77.7 degrees F. Up-connected intake and discharge flanges with compound nozzles located at 45% from the vertical centerline.The suction nozzles are 10" and 10", the discharge nozzles are 8" and 10" Compressor rpm is 10440, compressor BHP is 3679, Continuous speed is 11,000 rpm, first critical speed is 6,400 rpm. Originally part of a complete train that was driven by a steam turbine (not included). Uses a common lube oil system with the train.


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