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951 gallon chema balke dürr gmbh stainless steel reactor
( 3600 liter chema balke dürr gmbh stainless steel reactor )

IPPE Stock Number: 235800

Equipment Category REACTOR
Capacity 951 Gallon / 3600 Liter
Product Description 3600 liter, 1.4529 SS (AL-6XN super-Austenitic SS) fermenter/ reactor with internal cooling coil and sparge ring for gas addition. Polished stainless steel interior. Manufactured by Chema Balke Dürr GmbH, Serial number34043.TUV standard, Rated -1/6bar @200 degrees C internal; -1/6 bar @ 200 degrees C in the Jacket. Jacket material is 1.4571 SS, jacket volume 440 liter. Vertical Internal cooling coils rated 13 liter rated -1/6bar@200 degrees C. Vessel dimensions 1200 mm diameter x 3600 mm high. Welded dished top and bottom. With a top mounted agitator drive manufactured by MUT-Tschamber, rated 1713 rpm input,198 rpm output, with a Feiten & Guilleaume, 24 kW motor, 3/50/380 volt, IP55/EExdeIICT4 motor. Bergmann double mechanical seal on shaft. The fermenter has a sparge ring in bottom of tank for adding gas into the fermentation process. Openings include: Top - (1) 350 mm manway with hinged bolted cover, (5) 25mm, (1) 100 mm, (1) 300 mm center for the agitator, (2) 40mm, (2) 19mm; Bottom- (1) 300 mm outlet with flush valve. Mounted on (4) lugs. Fermenter empty weight 2450 Kg. shipping dimensions: Length= 4100 mm; Width= 1800 mm; Height= 1800 mm; Weight= 2450 kg,


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