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12 mmbtuhr pro environmental inc. hot oil boiler
( 12 mmbtuhr pro environmental inc. hot oil boiler )

IPPE Stock Number: 232606

Equipment Category BOILER
Sub Group HOT OIL
Capacity 12 MMBTUHR / 12 MMBTUHR
Product Description 12,000,000 BTU./hr., heating hot oil to 630 degrees F., Natural gas fired, Hot Oil boiler, with the following major components, One-Hot Oil Heater, and One-Combustion Air Pre heater. May also be used to incinerate a vapor stream. Designed and built by Pro Environmental Inc. The oil heater utilizes a coil, and is rated for 12,000,000 BTU/Hr. Oil circulation is achieved by a centrifugal pump driven by a 50 Hp AC motor that is controlled by a VFD. The oil system uses an expansion tank ASME code rated for 50 psi. The unit has a carbon steel combustion chamber operating at 1600 degrees F, rated for 2300 degrees F. The burner is a Universal Combustion model LNTO-8, fires on natural gas, has off gas and combustion air directly piped in. The burner is rated for 10 mm BTU/Hr. The combustion system uses a 15 hp combustion fan and a 10 hp recirculation fan to maintain exhaust levels at NOx 0.1 lbs./MMBTU and CO at 0.082 lbs./MMBTU. A primary control loop maintains temperature at 1600 degrees F in the combustion chamber, while a secondary control loop maintains the oil leaving the heater coil at 630 degrees F. The combustion air pre heater is manufactured from 304 SS and is used to warm the combustion air from 60 degrees F to 350 degrees F.

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Used Hot Oil or Thermal Fluid Boilers

Used Hot Oil BoilersHot Oil or Thermal Fluid Boilers often are used to heat equipment in process plant applications.  High temperatures can be reached using thermal fluid boilers vs steam.

The hot oil or thermal fluid is heated by passing the thermal fluid around electric heating elements. On lager units, the thermal fluid is passed though tubes or coils that are heated on the outside by a flame created by burning fuel.

The different fuels that are burned include Oil (typically # 2 or # 6 grade), Natural Gas, and combinations of Oil and Gas.

The typical configurations of hot oil heater/hot oil boilers are horizontal, vertical, or packaged design.

Used Steam Boilers

IPP offer many different types of Steam Boilers including Fire Tube, Economizers, Hot Water Heaters, Waste Heat, and Water Tube Boilers.

Used Steam BoilersBoilers are used to create steam or hot water for process plant applications. Certain plants use steam or hot water (vs. a thermal fluid) to heat their reactors and heat exchangers for cooking their products. Boilers are also crucial in Power Generation plants or Co-Generation Plants where you use steam turbines to generate electricity.

The steam or hot water is heated by passing water either through tubes (Water Tube) or around tubes that are heated by a flame (Fire Tube and Scotch Marine). The flame is created by burning some type of fuel. The different fuels that are burned include Coal, Pulverized Coal, Oil (typically # 2 or # 6 grade), Natural Gas, Waste Heat, or combinations of Oil and Gas.

There are also steam boilers that heat the water by using the waste heat generated from another process in the plant to heat the water to create steam. In the trash industry there are "Trash to Steam" boilers that burn trash to generate the steam.

The typical configurations of steam boilers are water tube and fire tube. This indicates whether the heat source surrounds the tubes and the water is in the tubes (water tube), or the heat source goes through the tubes and the water surrounds the tubes (fire tube). Many smaller boilers are the fire tube type, while many very large boilers are the water tube type.

IPP has a large inventory of Used, Unused, and Reconditioned oil heaters and boilers as well as boiler accessories. Manufacturers include:  A O Smith, Adamson Global Technology, Babcock & Omnical, Babcock & Wilcox, Burnham, CEMLINE, Challenger, CLEAVER BROOKS, E. Keeler, Electro, ELECTRO STEAM, First Thermal, Foster Wheeler, Fulton, GEKA, H K D, HEATEFLEX, Holman, Hurst, Kam, KAM THERMAL, Keeler, Kewanee, Loveco, MIURA, Nebraska, Newpoint, Parker, Patterson Kelley, Pfaudler, RAYPACK, Sellers, SELLERS BOILER, Stokes, Superior, Sussan, Syltherm, Thies/Funke, Triple S, Triple S Dynamics, Vapor, Vapor Power International, Viessman, VIESSMAN ATOLA, VIESSMAN HORICELL .


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