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12 diameter inch briquetter chilsonator
( 300 diameter mm briquetter chilsonator )

IPPE Stock Number: 203737

Product Description 316 s/steel Bepex Compactor type K300/200, serial #8921 with feed hopper, serial #10 486. Main drive 22KW Motor IP55.(dimensions of the roles: 300mm diameter; 200mm wide), material roles SS (431) 1.4057. profile rolling: (briquette 51mm length x 12mm wide x 6mm deep) one roll has 324 wells.

Used Briquetters and Used Chilsonators

Used Briquetters and Used ChilsonatorsBriquetters and Chilsonators are roll presses that compact raw material. The material is compacted as it is carried into the gap between two rolls which are rotating at equal speeds. The size and shape of the agglomerates are determined by the geometry of the roll surfaces.

Pockets or indentations in the roll surfaces form briquettes the shape of squares, eggs, pillows, teardrops, or similar forms, weighing from a few grams up to 2 kg or more in weight.

Smooth or corrugated rolls produce a solid sheet which can be granulated into the desired particle size on conventional grinding equipment.

Briquetters and Chilsonators can produce large quantities of material at low cost, but the product is less uniform than that from molding or tableting presses. To get the proper quantity of material into each of the rapidly rotating pockets in the rolls, various types of feeders are used.


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