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cfm neumann & esser reciprocating compressor
(  neumann & esser reciprocating compressor )

IPPE Stock Number: 220598

Equipment Category COMPRESSOR
Capacity CFM /
Product Description 650 Nm3/hr @ 50 bar & 165 deg C, type BV 35-110 Hydrogen single stage compressor system, compressor is manufactured by Neumann & Esser Maschinenfabrik Wurzen GmbH, fabrik #970-456-556, mass flow 62.2 kg/hr, suction pressure 16 bar @ 35 – 40 deg C, ambient temperature -20/+40 deg C, water cooled compressor performance 41kw, single stage, 85mm stroke, speed 780 rpm, average piston speed 2.21 m/sec, V-belt driven by 51kw, 3/50/400/690 volt, 1470 rpm EExde-11-C-T4 motor, all mounted on a carbon steel skid, system also includes (1) horizontal heat exchanger (gas cooler), (2) pulsation dampers (1 for suction, 1 for discharge), pipework, pressure gauges etc

Used Compressors

Used CompressorsCompressors are designed to compress (over 20 psi) and move air and other gases such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. IPP's Compressors for sale are listed by the Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM rating and pressure.

The main types of compressors include:

  • centrifugal compressors
  • rotary compressors
  • reciprocating compressors

Used Centrifugal Air / Gas Compressors for Sale

Centrifugal compressors use centrifugal forces to pump air or gas to develop pressure. They typically operate at speeds of 3500 rpm or higher. Multiple stages are used to produce the required pressure rise. This type of compressor is driven by an electric motor, steam turbine, or gas turbine, with or without speed increasing gears.

Rotary compressors, blowers, and vacuum pumps are positive displacement type machines. This type of machine incorporates rotating internal lobes, screws or vanes that compress the gas or air. They are constant volume machines with variable discharge pressure. The volume can be varied only by changing the speed or bypassing or wasting some of the capacity of the machine. The types of rotary compressors are classified by the type of rotor they use. These include: straight-lobe, sliding vane, liquid piston, screw type.

Reciprocating compressors are furnished in either single-stage or multi-stage types. The principle parts of this type of machine are the cylinders and the pistons. The different types you will see include single acting air cooled or water cooled, single stage double acting water cooled, horizontal or vertical.


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