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jaw crushers
(  jaw crushers )

Stock Number: 212363    Capacity: /
Description: Hadfield carbon steel jaw crusher, jaw 400mm wide x 630mm high, belt driven by 20 hp, 3/50/400/440 volt, 720 rpm motor, mounted on c/steel baseplate, previous use glass cullet (pyrex)

Used Crushers

Used CrushersCrushers are just one of the many types of equipment used for size reduction.

Crushers reduce larger sized, very hard feed material between two surfaces in a crushing or shearing action versus impact mills and pulverizers, or grinding type ball or bead mills.

Crushers are often seen in mining operations and are used for crushing hard rock, and coal. In Mining Operations Crushers can be designed to crush 3-4’ diameter rocks into smaller pieces 4-6” (Primary Crushing), and then again from 4-6” pieces even smaller (Secondary Crushing).

The main types of crushers include:

  • Gyratory Crushers: This consists of a cone shaped pestle oscillating within a larger cone-shaped mortar or bowl. The feed material enter through the top wide section of the cone shaped bowl. The angles of the cones are such that the width of the passage decreases toward the bottom of the working faces crushing the feed material into smaller pieces as it descends down through the crusher.
  • Cone Crushers: This is a version of a gyratory crusher having a very wide angle cone shaped pestle with a mortar or bowl that has sides that are more parallel for a finer crushing.
  • Jaw Crushers: Designed to crush material between two plates or jaws. The different types of jaw crushers are classified by where the jaws pivot – the Blake type pivots at the top; the Dodge type pivots at the bottom; the Overhead eccentric hinged at the top with the movable jaw suspended on an eccentric shaft.
  • Roll Crushers: Roll crushers can consist of a single roll or multiple rolls mounted in a housing. The feed material is crushed either between the two rolls or in a single roll machine between breaker bars mounted in the housing and the rotating roll.


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