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IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

30 diameter(in) bethlehem porcupine dryer
( 762 diameter(mm) bethlehem porcupine dryer )

Stock Number: 238421    Capacity: 30 diameter(in) / 762 diameter(mm)
Description: 30" diameter, CS, (except the last 5’ of agitator is Inconel 625 ), continuous Porcupine dryer, model 1P3015JTC. Vessel rated atmospheric at 600 degrees F, Agitator and jacket rated for 150 psi at 600 degrees F. Continuous...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

13 diameter in inches porcupine dryer
( 350 diameter in mm porcupine dryer )

Stock Number: 217828    Capacity: 13 diameter in inches / 350 diameter in mm
Description: 350mm diameter Buss-SMS 316 stainless steel (1.4571) continuous rotating segmented disc dryer, type Rovactor NCE-0350-RD, 3.9 square meter, fabrik #TR004/42, pressure internal -1/3 bar @ 300 degrees C (212 liter) jacket -1/20...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

19 diameter in inches porcupine dryer
( 500 diameter in mm porcupine dryer )

Stock Number: 217829    Capacity: 19 diameter in inches / 500 diameter in mm
Description: 500m diameter Buss-SMS 316 stainless steel (1.4571) continuous rotating segmented disc dryer, type Rovactor NCE-1000-RD, 10.2 square meter, fabrik #TR005/043, pressure internal -1/3 bar @ 200 degrees C (590 liter) jacket...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

54 diameter(in) bethlehem foundry corp. porcupine dryer
( 1371 diameter(mm) bethlehem foundry corp. porcupine dryer )

Stock Number: 214815    Capacity: 54 diameter(in) / 1371 diameter(mm)
Description: 54" Spare trough for porcupine, 316 SS shell, CS jacket, manufactured by Bethlehem Foundry corp. Serial # 35-0430-1-S NB # 1061. Size 54-16. Shell rated for 5 psi at 325 degrees F, Jacket rated for 75 psi at 325 degrees...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

30 diameter inch bethleham porcupine dryer
( 762 diameter mm bethleham porcupine dryer )

Stock Number: 212620    Capacity: 30 diameter inch / 762 diameter mm
Description: 30" wide X 12' long, model IP3012 Bethlehem Porcupine with drive and panel coils. Carbon steel construction, and operates as a batch process, utilizing steam as the heat transfer medium. The heat transfer area is as follows...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

dia/width(oo-in) x lnght(000-ft) porcupine dryer
(  porcupine dryer )

Stock Number: 207268    Capacity: dia/width(oo-in) x lnght(000-ft) /
Description: REBUILT, 12" x 36" long, 2.1 cu. ft. operating capacity, SS Jacketed Porcupine Processor, designed for batch operation, type 1P1203, Serial Number R-921 BFM, manufactured by Bethleham Foundry and Machine Company. Shell is...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

12 diameter inches bethlehem porcupine dryer
( 308 diameter mm bethlehem porcupine dryer )

Stock Number: 206785    Capacity: 12 diameter inches / 308 diameter mm
Description: UNUSED 316SS Model 1P1203JTB porcupine processor. Manufactured by Bethlehem, Agitator 12" diameter, 3' long. Batch design. Material of construction 316SS (18% Cr, 11% nickel). Heating medium is hot oil or steam. Vessel rated...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

18 inch diameter porcupine dryer
( 457 mm diameter porcupine dryer )

Stock Number: 70959    Capacity: 18 inch diameter / 457 mm diameter
Description: Model 1P1810JTB Porcupine Processer. Material of construction 316SS. Total heat transfer area to be 109.5 Sq.Ft., Agitator 72.9 sq. ft. heating area. Panel coils jacket to be applied and will add 36.6 sq. ft. of heater...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

30 inch diameter porcupine dryer
( 762 mm diameter porcupine dryer )

Stock Number: 85675    Capacity: 30 inch diameter / 762 mm diameter
Description: UNUSED Model 1P3016JTC procuping processor TROUGH ONLY. Continuous operation. Material of construction 321SS (18% Cr, 11% Ni), endplates are CS. Total heat transfer area is 286 sq.ft. on the trough.


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

12 inch diameter porcupine dryer
( 304 mm diameter porcupine dryer )

Stock Number: 85891    Capacity: 12 inch diameter / 304 mm diameter
Description: UNUSED Model 1P1208JTC porcupine processor. Agitator 12" diameter, 8' long. Continuous design. Material of construction is CS. Heating medium hot oil or steam. Vessel rated atmospheric @ 550 degree F, jacket rated 150 psig...
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Used Dryers and Industrial Process Drying Equipment

IPP's inventory of over 600 types of dryers and drying equipment for sale includes used, new/unused and reconditioned dryers for many industrial processes. Try narrowing your search using the 24 sub-group categories first and then use the search box to find what you need.

Guide to Types of Used Dryers & Drying Equipment

Types of Dryers Used in Both Batch & Continuous Processes

Manufacturers/brands in stock may include: Glatt, Niro, Fitzpatrick, Aeromatic, Sahara, Caltherm and others.

  • Fluid Bed Dryers: Found in batch and continuous processes. Product flows across a perforated bed while hot air blows through the bed. Continuous dryers vibrate to move the product while batch dryers use agitators. Popular in pharmaceutical plants. Measured by the Kg/Hr.
  • Oven Dryers: Heated boxes that are either hot air or steam heated. Can operate at atmospheric pressure. Measured by oven's internal dimensions.
Photo of Used Dryers & Industrial Process Drying Equipment

Manufacturer / Brands typically in stock:

  • Vickers
  • Struthers Wells
  • Stokes
  • Buss AG Basel Schwein
  • Bethlehem
  • Devine
  • APV/Mitchell
  • Buflovak
  • Zschokke Wortmann AG
  • Spangler and Kaufman
  • Northstar
  • Simpson-Turner
  • Hull
  • Vacuum Dryers: Batch dryers using a vacuum to dry wet products where tumblers, paddle and ribbon agitators or pans move the product. You'll find used vacuum dryers in these categories: double cone, twin shell, rotary vacuum (aka vacuum rotary) and pan dryers.
  • Vacuum Shelf Dryers: vacuum dryers where product is dried on trays sitting on heated shelves. Typically rated for heating only, do not have movable shelves and are measured by the shelves' surface area.
  • Freeze Dryers (Lyophilizers): Low temperature batch dryers, identical to shelf dryers, except they use low temperatures and shelves may be moveable. Common in pharmaceutical production. Measured by the shelves' surface area.
Manufacturer / Brands Typically In Stock:
  • Anhydro
  • APV/Mitchell
  • Bepex
  • Bethlehem
  • Blaw Knox
  • Bowen
  • Buss-SMS-Canzler
  • Escher Wyss
  • Heyl & Patterson
  • Luwa
  • Kaiser Steel Belt Systems
  • KraussMaffei
  • Niro
  • Reitz
  • Raymond
  • Proctor & Schwartz
  • Sandvik
  • Stork
  • Wyssmont
  • Conveyor Dryers: use conveyors to move product through drying chamber or trough. Some are heated or use vacuum conditions. You'll find used conveyor dryers in these sub-group categories:
    • Holoflite, hollow screw, thermal Screw, thermal disc dryers - use troughs, measured by trough's dimensions or number of screws.
    • conveyor belt dryers - product moves through heated chamber on continuous horizontal belt. Measured by chamber diameter and belt length.
    • Porcupine Dryers: Specially designed conveyor type with trough and internal screw conveyor. Some are jacketed and rated for internal pressure.
    • Flash Dryers / pneumatic conveyor dryers: conveys product through heat source and pulverizers before discharge into an air classifier. Measured by dryer's air flow in CFM.
  • Spray Dryers: atomizes liquids into fine spray which dries into fine particles as it floats down through heated chamber, whose diameter is the key measurement. Popular for instant milk, instant tea and pigments.
  • Drum Dryers: heated drum or set of 2 drums where the product is dried on the outside of drum as it rotates toward blade that scrapes it off. Used for milk drying and cereals. Measured by the diameter and length of the drum.
  • Drum Flakers - Similar to drum dryers except use a cooling process to flake the product being dried.
  • Belt Flakers - Belt flakers are conveyor belt dryers that also use cooling where the belt is cooled to dry the product. It hardens and flakes off.
  • Thin Film Dryers: used to convert heat-sensitive liquids, sludges, slurries and pastes into free-flowing solids. Can be horizontal or vertical, some operate under vacuum and are usually measured by the drying surface area.
  • Wyssmont Dryers: have cylindrical housing that contains stack of trays that rotates while hot air blows through the housing. The product is fed at the top and then scraped onto the next tray below continually moving down stack.
  • Continuous Rotary Dryers: Some use Hot Air or direct flame as heat source while others use steam heated tubes. Have large and long cylindrical tubes that dry the product as it tumbles through the rotating tube. Measured by diameter and length of the tube.

Other Dryer Types

  • Air Dryers: find industrial dehumidifiers, dehumidifying dryers, regenerative dessicant dryers, refrigerated dryers, dryers using hot or cool air as well as those used with compressors to remove moisture from compressed air. Measured by CFM. Manufacturers/brands can include Pneumatech, Ingersoll Rand, Hankinson, Arrow, Bartlett-Snow and others.
  • Food Grade Dryers are found in spray dryers, fluid bed dryers and horizontal belt dryers

What is an Industrial Dryer?

An industrial dryer is any processing plant machine that removes moisture to produce a dry, solid product. For dry powders, dryers are typically located near the end of the process line. In chemical or pharmaceutical plants, dryers are typically used after centrifuges or filters have removed most of the moisture in the product.

Because most products dry faster in a vacuum than in atmospheric pressure, you will see dryers with heating jackets and ratings for internal pressure and for vacuum conditions. Other products can be dried economically in a simple , industrially sized hot air oven dryer. Common accessories for dryers include dust collectors and vacuum pump systems.


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