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IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

75 square foot baghouse dust collector ; aluminum
( 7 square meter baghouse dust collector ; aluminum)

Stock Number: 37858    Capacity: 75 square foot / 7 square meter
Description: 75 sq ft aluminum baghouse dust collector. Mfd by Sly Mfg, SN 8364A. 36" dia x 8' long w/2' cone btm. 75 sq ft aluminum baghouse dust collector. Mfd by Sly Mfg, SN 8364A. 36" dia x 8' long w/2' cone btm.

Used Dust Collectors

Used Dust Collectors - Industrial Equipment Dust Collectors control the dust in a variety of processes. Dust collectors can also be called bag houses.

Dust Collectors can be use to remove dust particles from a process or collect dust that is the finished product.

Dust collectors are large chambers that are either square or round with internal filters that are typically made of woven fabric bags stretched over a cage as a filter medium.

Some of the newer dust collectors use cartridge filters instead of filter bags. In operation, the dust laden gas is collected in the chamber and passes through the filter bags into a manifold where the cleaned gas exits the chamber. The dust is collected on the outside of the filter bag and remains inside the chamber.

There are several methods to clean the dust off of the outside of the filter bags or cartridges.

A shaker type cleaner shakes the bags periodically to remove the dust.

The reverse air cleaner periodically blows air back though the inside of the filter bag blowing the dust off the outside of the filters.

The pulse jet cleaner uses high pressure compressed air that periodically blast through the inside of the filters to blow the dust off the outside of the bags.

The dust that is shaken, blown, or pulsed off the bags falls to the chamber bottom where it is removed through a rotary valve.

All Dust Collectors are measured by the square foot of the bag area, the CFM air flow through the collector, the material of construction, and type of dust discharge.

Another type of dust collector is a cyclone which uses air blown tangentially into a cylindrical chamber and inertia to separate the heavy dust particles out of the air stream.


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