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IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

32 inch wide 0 screw feeder
( 812 mm wide 0 screw feeder )

Stock Number: 239462    Capacity: 32 inch wide / 812 mm wide
Description: 32" wide, Twin screw, CS, Feed conveyor for a porcupine processor. Inlet size is 48" x 30", outlet is 24" x 12". Overall is 32" wide x 207" long x 32" high. Triple chain drive sprocket.(No motor or gearbox)


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

5 diameter or width (inches) k-tron screw feeder
( 125 mm k-tron screw feeder )

Stock Number: 225305    Capacity: 5 diameter or width (inches) / 125 mm
Description: 125mm diameter 304 stainless steel K-Tron screw feeder with hopper, type F-5, serial #930731, 2840 lbs/hr capacity, 125mm diameter x 700mm long 304 stainless steel screw, 1.5 HP, 6.63:1 drive reducer, 30:18 pulley ratio,...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

schenck feeder
(  schenck feeder )

Stock Number: 214829    Capacity: /
Description: Portable Accurate Dry Feeder. Tuf-Flex volumetric series 600. with 304SS screw. Manufactured by Schenck, with Vinyl Flex hopper, 18" ID x 18" ID x 12" deep. 2" diameter screw with a 48" long 304SS tube. Unit has (2) 1/4...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

dia(in) feeder
(  feeder )

Stock Number: 212510    Capacity: dia(in) /
Description: 13 GPM liquid feed skid with SS tank, feed pump and 1/2 " diameter flexible feed hose. Unit has a 12" diameter x 14" straight side, 316SS feed tank, open top with 8" cone bottom, with the tank outlet piped inot the intake...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

screw feeder
(  screw feeder )

Stock Number: 706281    Capacity: /
Description: 112mm diameter 304 s/steel screw feeder with hopper, 112mm diameter x 1900mm long screw, driven by 2-speed motor, 0.75 kw, 3/50/380-420/220-240 volt, 1400 rpm or 0.90 kw, 3/60/440-480/250-280 volt, 1690 rpm, hopper 750mm...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

per-fil industries screw feeder
(  per-fil industries screw feeder )

Stock Number: 210320    Capacity: /
Description: Perfill volumetric feeder Model PF-MRI, Serial Number 10033, 1 phase, 120 Volt 10 amp. With SS hopper. Mounted on a stand with wheels. Controls for Stop & Start filling cycle, fill quanity with precision counter that controls...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

9 diameter inch rotary feeder
( 229 diameter mm rotary feeder )

Stock Number: 207055    Capacity: 9 diameter inch / 229 diameter mm
Description: 9" 316SS Rotary Valve with drive motor and gearbox. Manufactured by Premier Pnuematics.


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

2 diameter inch the young industries rotary feeder
( 0 diameter mm the young industries rotary feeder )

Stock Number: 207056    Capacity: 2 diameter inch / 0 diameter mm
Description: 2" 316 SS Rotary Valve, sanitary, with quick open clean out door. Manufactured by The Young Industries. Serial # CA-8001, Model # CA HC SA, Driven by a US motor 1/2 HP, 1770 RPM motor rated for Hazardous locations. Unit mounted...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

10 diameter inch rotary feeder
( 250 diameter mm rotary feeder )

Stock Number: 200799    Capacity: 10 diameter inch / 250 diameter mm
Description: 10" diameter , 316SS, wetted parts,and all Body parts 316 SS. Rotary air Lock assembly, with hinged side access. 10" diameter straight through design. @" deeep recessed vanes (7) total. With mechanical seal on driven shaft...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

48 diameter in inches acrison screw feeder
(  acrison screw feeder )

Stock Number: 203089    Capacity: 48 diameter in inches /
Description: Unused 304 SS twin screw feed with screw conveyor. Manufactured by Acrison Type BDF 4 1-1/2, Serial number 00276-01. Feed bin is 48" x 48" with twin screws discharging into a 10" diameter X 8' long screw conveyor. Twin...
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Used Feeders

Feeders are designed to regulate or make uniform the flow of ingredients into a process from a bin or bulk hopper.

Screw feeders such as Acrison, have a hopper that is agitated to prevent clumping, and a screw feeder to provide the uniform feed flow.

Belt or apron feeders are conveyor belts that regulate the feed flow. Weigh belt feeds used weigh scales under the belt to regulate the ingredient addition to the process by weight.

Pan feeders or vibratory feeders also provide a uniform flow into the process, however in this type of feeder the product is moved along by the vibration of the pan.

Rotary feeders or star feeders are actually star valves, or rotary valves. The rpm of rotor inside the valve housing regulates the feed into the process.


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