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schenck feeder
(  schenck feeder )

IPPE Stock Number: 214829

Equipment Category FEEDER
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Product Description Portable Accurate Dry Feeder. Tuf-Flex volumetric series 600. with 304SS screw. Manufactured by Schenck, with Vinyl Flex hopper, 18" ID x 18" ID x 12" deep. 2" diameter screw with a 48" long 304SS tube. Unit has (2) 1/4 HP Pacific Scientific Motors, 1800 RPM, 90 DC volts. One moter controls feed rate, second motor for hopper agitation. Mounted on a portable cart with wheels, Power cord and plug. Agitation and Feed rate control boxes mounted under the feeder. All electricals are Class I Group D enclosures. Feeder designed with removable outside panels, vinyl hopper, SCR variable-speed control, DC motor control. Feed screw is removable so unit can be moved on the wheeled cart. Overall dimensions are 28" wide (without screw) x 58" long x 54" high.

Used Feeders

Feeders are designed to regulate or make uniform the flow of ingredients into a process from a bin or bulk hopper.

Screw feeders such as Acrison, have a hopper that is agitated to prevent clumping, and a screw feeder to provide the uniform feed flow.

Belt or apron feeders are conveyor belts that regulate the feed flow. Weigh belt feeds used weigh scales under the belt to regulate the ingredient addition to the process by weight.

Pan feeders or vibratory feeders also provide a uniform flow into the process, however in this type of feeder the product is moved along by the vibration of the pan.

Rotary feeders or star feeders are actually star valves, or rotary valves. The rpm of rotor inside the valve housing regulates the feed into the process.


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