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800 kw caterpillar gas generator
( 800 kw caterpillar gas generator )

IPPE Stock Number: 216313

Equipment Category GENERATOR
Sub Group GAS
Capacity 800 KW / 800 KW
Product Description 800 KW Caterpillar Natural Gas Generator Set Number 20502. Cat Engine Model G3516 SITA SN 3RC00088, 1085HP, built 1986. The drivers are V-16, Spark ignition, Turbo charged and after cooled. These machines have been serviced by the OEM since start up and until shut down. Operating speed 1200RPMs. Generator Model Number SR-4, Serial Number 5YA00657, 800KW, 3 phase, 4 wire, 480V/1200A. Exciter 27V/80A, max temperature rise 115°C by resistance. Paired with a vertical heat exchanger 5’3”diax12’H

Surplus/Used Power Generators – Electric, Diesel, Gas, Steam

Used power GeneratorsIndustrial power generators turn energy from burning fuels or captured waste heat into electric power. Industrial generators fall into 4 major categories classified by the fuel that drives the generator.

There are Diesel Generators, Electric Generators, Steam Turbine Generators, and Gas Generators.

Generator Sets include the “prime mover” or engine, the generator, reduction gear, and exciter. For many of the generator sets that are powered by an internal combustion engine (gas turbine, diesel, etc), the set usually includes all of the components needed to produce electricity on one skid.

Power plants are complete plants for the production of electricity. Power plants usually contain steam boilers, generator sets, transformers, and auxiliary equipment.

Here are common terms used in describing steam turbine generators:

  • Prime Mover – the engine or turbine that moves the generator
  • Condensing – a steam turbine that exhausts directly into a condenser at below atmospheric pressure
  • Back Pressure – a steam turbine that exhausts into a process steam header at positive pressure – also called non-condensing or counter pressure.
  • Extraction – steam bled off of a steam turbine before the exhaust. This steam is used for process application or for steam cycle efficiency. Can be “controlled” or “uncontrolled”. Also called bleed.
  • Controlled – In extraction, this indicates that the turbine includes valves and regulators to control the pressure of the extraction flow over the rated flow range.
  • Load Gear – this is the reduction gear between the prime mover and generator


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