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6720 kilowatt waukesha/leroy somer generator
( 6720 kilowatt waukesha/leroy somer generator )

IPPE Stock Number: 706826

Equipment Category GENERATOR
Capacity 6720 KILOWATT / 6720 KILOWATT
Product Description 6.72 Megawatt gas fired combined heat and power system, system includes: 5000 kg/hr Cochran single pass waste heat recovery boiler, max continuous 5010kg/hr, serial #95/2766, manufactured by Cochran Boilers Limited,design pressure 13 barg, inlet temperature 430 degrees C, design saturated steam temperature 188 degrees C (@ 10.5 barg), safety valve setting 11.55 barg, heat transfer duty 2934 +- 15%, specific garavity/density 0.95 kg/m3, specific heat 1.00 kCal/kg.C, approximate boiler dimensions 2630mm diameter x 6m long, boiler an with economiser, manufactured by Flametec ltd, serial #35690/04068, design pressure 20 barg @ 160 degrees C, 2 x 3360.8 Kw (4201 kVA) gas engine driven electrical generator, engine manufactured by Waukesha (Dresser), model #16VAT27GL, serial #C-80859/1 & C-80859/2, SAA #2000-168, natural gas fired, continuous, comp ratio 9/1, min.WKI 91, ignition timing (BTDC) 11-02, service 4650 HP (3469 Kw), altitude limit 500 feet (152 meter), governed speed 1000 rpm, 0.80mm valve intake & exhaust clearance, firing order 1R-1L-4R-4L-7R-7L-6R-6L-8R-8L-5R-5L-2R-2L-3R-3L, AC generator (alternator) manufactured by Leroy Somer, type LSA-56-BM65-6P, serial #167056-2, IP 23, 3360.8 Kw, 4201 kVA power rating, 11000 volt, 220.5 Amp, 3 phase, 50 Hz, 1000 rpm, excitation AREP, all mounted on a carbon steel skid oil lubrication, cooling water system, MCC control panels, some ductwork, process description: natural gas is used to fuel two gas engine powered generator sets that provide electrical power to the site, with the ability to export surplus power to the grid, heat extraction from the exhaust gases is used within the heat recovery system to heat the boiler feed water to the steam boiler, which provides steam to the plant steam main, excess heat from each engines jacket water cooling system and intercooler cooling system is removed and dispersed to atmosphere by the heat dump radiators, the intercooler cooling system is used to provide cooling to the engine lubricating oil system, valves are provided on the jacket water cooling, and lubricating oil systems to enable future connections to a second heat recovery system

Surplus/Used Power Generators – Electric, Diesel, Gas, Steam

Used power GeneratorsIndustrial power generators turn energy from burning fuels or captured waste heat into electric power. Industrial generators fall into 4 major categories classified by the fuel that drives the generator.

There are Diesel Generators, Electric Generators, Steam Turbine Generators, and Gas Generators.

Generator Sets include the “prime mover” or engine, the generator, reduction gear, and exciter. For many of the generator sets that are powered by an internal combustion engine (gas turbine, diesel, etc), the set usually includes all of the components needed to produce electricity on one skid.

Power plants are complete plants for the production of electricity. Power plants usually contain steam boilers, generator sets, transformers, and auxiliary equipment.

Here are common terms used in describing steam turbine generators:

  • Prime Mover – the engine or turbine that moves the generator
  • Condensing – a steam turbine that exhausts directly into a condenser at below atmospheric pressure
  • Back Pressure – a steam turbine that exhausts into a process steam header at positive pressure – also called non-condensing or counter pressure.
  • Extraction – steam bled off of a steam turbine before the exhaust. This steam is used for process application or for steam cycle efficiency. Can be “controlled” or “uncontrolled”. Also called bleed.
  • Controlled – In extraction, this indicates that the turbine includes valves and regulators to control the pressure of the extraction flow over the rated flow range.
  • Load Gear – this is the reduction gear between the prime mover and generator


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