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IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

33 diameter inches pfaudler agitator glass lined parts ; miscellaneous
( 838 diameter mm pfaudler agitator glass lined parts ; miscellaneous)

Stock Number: 226508    Capacity: 33 diameter inches / 838 diameter mm
Description: Reglassed, 33" span, glass lined Cryo-Lock CBT hub. 33" span with a 3.5" bore.


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

33 pfaudler agitator glass lined parts ; miscellaneous
( 838 pfaudler agitator glass lined parts ; miscellaneous)

Stock Number: 230227    Capacity: 33 / 838
Description: Reglassed, One, 33" span, Glass lined Cryo-Lock Curved Blade turbine agitator with a hub that has a 3.5" bore. Counterclockwise rotation.

Used/Second Hand Glass Lined Parts / Reglassed Parts for Process Equipment

Ipp stocks over 2,000 glass lined and reglassed parts for various types of process equipment, many from well known manufacturers like Pfaudler and De Dietrich. You'll also find some surplus, unused spare parts as well. Many of the reglassed parts were reglassed in Romania by IPP's affiliate company, UGE.

Choose from 9 categories to find the part you need. Browse over 600 types of mixing paddles, agitators and impellers, over 400 types of baffles and over 500 covers and manways.

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