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IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

2 diameter(ft) bethlehem foundry and machine kiln and calciner
( 1 diameter(m) bethlehem foundry and machine kiln and calciner )

Stock Number: 86379    Capacity: 2 diameter(ft) / 1 diameter(m)
Description: 2' diameter x 19'6" long, Inconel 600 indirect rotary calciner. Mfd by Bethlehem Foundry and Machine, SN M162, Type indirect fired. Would take (28) burners - indirect fired. Unit good up to 2000 deg f. 17' long heating section....


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

plant & equipment engineering kiln and calciner
(  plant & equipment engineering kiln and calciner )

Stock Number: 73480    Capacity: /
Description: UNUSED 18.4" (460mm) dia x 26'3" (8000mm) long nickel (2.4068) calciner. Mfd by Plant and Equipment Eng (Germany), SN A27146, Type AG22/11/DK94-241, blt 1988. Heating zone 24" (600mm) wide, cooling zone 17'9" (5400mm) long....

Used Rotary Kilns / Rotary Calciners

image of Used rotary Kilns and Used rotary Calciners Rotary kilns or calciners are high temperature drum furnaces usually used in continuous processes where the material is fed into one end, tumbles through a rotating chamber and exits through a cooling or quenching section.

Key features for kilns and calciners:

  • a cylindrical shell, tube or drum usually made of steel, nickel or high alloy
  • a lining made of refractory brick which prevents the shell from overheating.
  • multiple heating zones
  • heat source can be indirect fired (external) or direct fired (internal)
  • temperature ratings ranging from 700 ° F to 1400 ° F, much higher than industrial dryers
  • typical fuels used to heat kilns and calciners are electricity, gas and oil
  • newer rotary kilns can feature a waste heat recovery system that is often used to fire boilers or drive turbines for power generation
  • variety of feed and discharge configurations


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