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IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

5 hp quadro comil mill
( 3 kw quadro comil mill )

Stock Number: 241166    Capacity: 5 hp / 3 kw
Description: 4,250 lbs./Hr., 5 HP, 316SS, vertical mill manufactured by Quadro Comil, s/n U20-0900. Rated for 700-2800 RPM, screen diameter 8 inches. Scale up factor is 10. Minimum inlet to outlet height 14.5 Inches.


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

7 hp alpine colloid mill
( 5 kw alpine colloid mill )

Stock Number: 239475    Capacity: 7 hp / 5 kw
Description: 7.5 HP, (5.5 kW), 304 SS, vertical pin mill, manufactured by Alpine, B160 UPZ. Rated capacity 90 kg., Mounted on a 304 stainless steel base with a belt driven motor. Drive is a Reliance dual speed motor, 7.5/10 HP, 3533/3510...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

3 hp chemec colloid mill
( 2 kw chemec colloid mill )

Stock Number: 238452    Capacity: 3 hp / 2 kw
Description: 3 HP, (2.2 kW), 316 SS contact with 304 SS parts, jacketed colloid mill. 0.75" inlet and outlet with Tri-Clover style fittings, Jacket inlets and outlets are 0.50". Dolly stand mounted with on board controls including a...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

150 hp gundlach roll mill
( 111 kw gundlach roll mill )

Stock Number: 221186    Capacity: 150 hp / 111 kw
Description: 150 HP, Single Stage 2 roll crusher, manufactured by Gundlach. Model 4080S. Serial # 4080S-2123. Roll size 24" diameter x 8' long face length. Typical reduction ratio is 4:1. Shaft is fabricated from Forged 4140 steel. Rated...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

15 horsepower williams colloid mill
( 11 liters williams colloid mill )

Stock Number: 220809    Capacity: 15 horsepower / 11 liters
Description: 15 HP, CS, hammer mill, manufactured by Williams. Type GP mill, Serial # 16469. 16" x 24" chamber. Belt driven by a 15 Hp ac motor at 1780 rpm.


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

7 horsepower williams colloid mill
( 5 liters williams colloid mill )

Stock Number: 220802    Capacity: 7 horsepower / 5 liters
Description: 7.5 HP, 304 SS contact Parts, Hammer mill manufactured by Williams. Serial # 16468. Type GP-1512. 14" chamber. Hammers belt driven by a Siemens 7.5 HP ac motor at 1740 rpm. Inlet dimensions with O.R.C. Cover 12" x 10.75"....


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

50 horsepower reitz bepex corp. colloid mill
( 37 liters reitz bepex corp. colloid mill )

Stock Number: 220804    Capacity: 50 horsepower / 37 liters
Description: 50 HP, CS, Hammermill manufactured by Reitz. Disintegrator, model RD-18-H32. Serial # RD86003579. 18" diameter rotor with 32 hammers. Belt driven by a Siemens 30 Hp AC motor at 1775 rpm.


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

3 horsepower reitz colloid mill
( 2 liters reitz colloid mill )

Stock Number: 220748    Capacity: 3 horsepower / 2 liters
Description: 3 HP, 304 SS, Reitz "Disinigretor", hammer mill. Manufactured by Bepex. Model # RP-6K115, serial # RP-90003989. Blades are 12" long with a 2.5" deep product chamber. Overall dimensions are 46" x 28" x 44" high. Driven by...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

4 horsepower powtec kadymill mill
( 3 liters powtec kadymill mill )

Stock Number: 220286    Capacity: 4 horsepower / 3 liters
Description: 3 kw, 304 stainless steel Powtec rotor sieving mill, type RTS 350 x 300, ATEX & EX, throughput 350 kg/hr, manufactured by Powtec, serial #1537/04, 350mm diameter x 300mm long rotor with 8-blades, driven by 3kw 3/50/400 volt...


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

hp ball mill
(  ball mill )

Stock Number: 218254    Capacity: hp /
Description: 3 HP, 304 SS, with CS heat box, Cylindrical Rod Mill, with LP gas fired heating system. 56 cu. ft. of milling volume. 1" diameter rods. Feed line input(liquid) 1.5" diameter pipe. Discharge port is 8" round with a 8.8" x...
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Used Mills

Used Mills Most types of product production lines will have some type of mill or pulverizer for size reduction to make the desired particle size for dry products, wet products, or disperse solids in a slurry. The size reduction occurs either by impact, attrition, or crushing. The capacity of the pulverizer or mill depends on the type of material, and the fineness desired. Pulverizers and mills range in design features for efficient size reduction for a range of products in the chemical, mineral, pharmaceutical and food industries.

The different classifications of Mills are:

  • Ball Mills & Pebble Mills – Basically a horizontal tube with balls or stone grinding media, that grinds the material as the tube rotates. Can be batch or continuous, wet or dry grinding.
  • Colloid mills – these grind solids in slurry.
  • Kady Mills – special type of high energy dispersion mill used to grind particles in slurry.
  • Shot, Sand, and Media Mills – typically used in the dye and pigment industries, these incorporate a cylindrical chamber that is filled with small diameter shot or sand and agitated, as the product flows through the agitated chamber. The media grinds the product as it passes through.
  • Roll Mills – Can be 2, 3, 4, or 5 rolls, used to disperse pigments in ink and paint by crushing the product between the rolls.
  • Raymond Roller mills – Uses a pan and rotating rollers to crush and grind dry products in the pan. Seen in mostly mineral and coal production plants.


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