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IPPE Stock Number: 212057

Equipment Category PRESS
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Product Description 16 position Hydraulic Moulten Glass Press. Mfg by: Corning Glass Works, Serial #03-002-140-052, Material: Carbon Steel, 14" Max mound diameter, 37" mound radius, 88" mound table diameter max speed of machine 0-35 piece/min (possible 43). Machine has a super ram + a composite ram, super ram pressing cyclinder bore 6", composite 6.5, lower rod diameter 'super" 5", composite 5.250" upper rod diameter "super 45", composite "4", ram stroke "super" 10", composite 12",, both ram strokes are adjustable, ram down area "super" 12.37 in2, "composite" 20.93inx, "super ram" pressing pressure min 125 psi, max 1500 psi, pressing cycle force "super" 1550-18500 lbs, "composite" 1130-31390 lbs. Hydraulics driven by a powerpac.


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