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IPPE Stock Number: 212058

Equipment Category PRESS
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Product Description 12 position mechanical indexing fire polisher for glass cookware, Mfg by: Corning Glass Works, Carbon streel, 58" table diameter, 32" work holder radius, table indexing mechanism manufactured by Fergusion, clockwise table rotation (plan view). 10 HP drive motor, rotary burner station action, 5 or 4 burner stations, adjustable burner stations, Gas and Oxy firing, hydraulic burner drive, vickers pistion PVB-RS-20-CM-11, hydraulic pump, flow outlet 19.5 Gpm at 300 psi, max indexing speed 45/min, oxygen usage 4,500 cfm at 20 psi, gas 3,500 dfm at 5 psi.


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