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IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

70 gpm cp pumpen centrifugal pulverizer
( 15 m3/hr cp pumpen centrifugal pulverizer )

Stock Number: 234289    Capacity: 70 gpm / 15 m3/hr
Description: 15.9m3/hr @ 28m head 316 stainless steel centrifugal pump, manufactured by CP Pumpen Ag, type MKP 50-32-160, serial #06-01031/51771, 2930 rpm, NPSH 1m, suction pressure 1 bar, differential pressure 3.7 bar, temperature -30/160...

Used Pulverizers

Most Pulverizers have a housing with and internal rotors that spins at a high speed with either fixed or swinging knives, hammers, or rods/pins to size reduction using impact. Most have a screen discharge, where the product stays in the pulverizing chamber until it is small enough to fall through the screen. For finer particle sizes, Air classification mills are used, where the product stays in the pulverization chamber until it is light enough to flow out of the mill in an air stream.

The different types of Pulverizers are:

  • Knife mills – Fitzpatrick, Fitzmills, Commutators
  • Hammer Mills – Micro Pulverizer, Pulva Mills
  • Pin Mills – Alpine mills, Bauer mills
  • Rotary Mills – Williams, Jeffery
  • Air Class Mills – Micro Atomizer, Hosikowa, ACM, Imp Mills


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