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5 hp gea stainless steel pulverizer
( 4 kw gea stainless steel pulverizer )

IPPE Stock Number: 233967

Equipment Category PULVERIZER
Capacity 5 HP / 4 kW
Product Description UNUSED, 20 kg. typical batch weight, 316L SS, (Polished to a 0.1 Ra Min finish), high shear granulator. Designed for cGMP production, it is a contained system, and can be used for other process’ such as food agglomeration. Manufactured by GEA Aeromatic-Fielder Ltd. Model # Pharmadule PMA Advance 60, serial 07304.1310. Standard capacity range is 24-48 liters. This granulator features a through the wall design where the utilities are located outside the clean room. It has a jacket for the base and bowl with temperature sensor and ¾” BSP connections. The loading chute and is 4” CPC and designed for Hyco Flex loading. The main impeller is an M-8 and is capable of being raised and lowered. The side chopping system is driven by a 4-kw motor, with variable speed control. The discharge and transfer chute is 2” CPC. Discharge is into a through the wall mill, Comil, model U-10, with a 0.1 Ra finish. The mill is driven by a 1.8 k-w motor with variable speed control. The Granulator features sanitary design and features clean in place. It has the ability for solutions addition, and is fully automated. This multipurpose machine can process dry powders, aqueous and solvent granulations, effervescent products, and melt palletization applications. It is designed for rapid change overs and easy cleaning. This machinery is electronically controlled and can be operated by a local operations station. The Advance 60 mill can be part of an integrated system with upstream and downstream equipment. This mill can be used with Fluid bed dryer IPP stock # 233966. And a CIP skid is available at additional cost, see IPP stock number 234966.

Used Pulverizers

Most Pulverizers have a housing with and internal rotors that spins at a high speed with either fixed or swinging knives, hammers, or rods/pins to size reduction using impact. Most have a screen discharge, where the product stays in the pulverizing chamber until it is small enough to fall through the screen. For finer particle sizes, Air classification mills are used, where the product stays in the pulverization chamber until it is light enough to flow out of the mill in an air stream.

The different types of Pulverizers are:

  • Knife mills – Fitzpatrick, Fitzmills, Commutators
  • Hammer Mills – Micro Pulverizer, Pulva Mills
  • Pin Mills – Alpine mills, Bauer mills
  • Rotary Mills – Williams, Jeffery
  • Air Class Mills – Micro Atomizer, Hosikowa, ACM, Imp Mills


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