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IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

217 gpm ksb centrifugal pump ; stainless steel
( 59 m3/h ksb centrifugal pump ; stainless steel)

Stock Number: 220423    Capacity: 217 gpm / 59 m3/h
Description: 16.7 ltr/sec @ 90m head 316 stainless steel (1.4408) type PK CHSM 50 250 KSB centrifugal pump, manufactured by KSB, serial #446326, no motor


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

37 gpm abs centrifugal pump ; stainless steel
( 10 m3/h abs centrifugal pump ; stainless steel)

Stock Number: 220404    Capacity: 37 gpm / 10 m3/h
Description: 10.1 m³/h @ 32m head stainless steel type NB 40/32-20 MKB 26 centrifugal pump, manufactured by ABS pump production AB, Sweden, serial #725996, 2875 rpm, with ATEX ABB Motor, all mounted on carbon steel basplate.


IPPE / UGE Inventory Photo

1056 gpm ksb centrifugal pump ; stainless steel
( 240 m3/h ksb centrifugal pump ; stainless steel)

Stock Number: 219177    Capacity: 1056 gpm / 240 m3/h
Description: 240m³/h by 1450rpm @ 10,1m conveying height (1.4408) stainless steel centrifugal pump, manufactured by KSB, type MAC-CH 150-250, serial number 3-R07-542332, openings: (1) DN150 and (1) DN200, no motor.

Second Hand/Used Pumps For Manufacturing Plants - Find Centrifugal, Hydraulic, Rotary, Reciprocating & Vacuum Pumps

Used Pumps - Used Processing Equipment

Pumps move liquids. All process plants have pumps. The types of pumps include centrifugal, hydraulic, rotary, reciprocating, and vacuum pumps.

The capacity of a pump is defined by the amount of fluid passing through the unit rated in GPM (Gallons per Minute), and the discharge pressure rated at Head Feet. The head is the height of the column of fluid that the pump can push.

Types of pumps:

  • Centrifugal pumps - the most widely used pumps in processing plants are Centrifugal pumps. They consist of an impellor rotating within a casing
  • Reciprocating pumps – positive displacement pumps that have a higher efficiency than centrifugal pumps. The classes of reciprocating pumps include piston pumps, plunger pumps, and diaphragm pumps.
  • Rotary pumps - In rotary pumps mechanical displacement of the liquid is produced by rotation of one or more members within a stationary housing. This type of pump includes gear pumps that have two impellors in a housing for thicker liquids, Moyno pumps which are progressive cavity pumps, and screw pumps.
  • Hydraulic pumps – designed to generate fluid power.
  • Vacuum pumps - designed to pull vacuum.
    • Water seal vacuum pumps (Nash, Kinney, SiHi) use water to create suction. These produce some vacuum with higher CFM flow.
    • Oil seal vacuum pumps (Kinney, Stokes, Huckepack, Reictsche) provide very high vacuum
    • Dry seal vacuum pumps (Busch) provide high vacuum


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