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IPPE Stock Number: 232608

Equipment Category SYSTEMS
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Product Description 100 ton per day, drying section of a torrefaction system, designed to run on wood chips, but can process other biomass. The system includes five torrefaction reactors, and two heat recovery thermal oxidizing systems, designed to destroy the off gas and heat the hot oil for processing. The complete system consists of three quad Holoflight reactors, two Porcupine reactors, Two heat recovery Thermal oxidizers, and all hoods, piping, and infeed air locks. The heat recovery thermal oxidizers include burners, expansion tanks, Vulcan air pre heater, ID fans, and exhaust ducting. For further technical details see separate equipment in IPP inventory, Porcupines, (IPP stock numbers 232601 & 232602) Holoflights ,(IPP stock numbers 232603, 232604, & 232605) and for Heat recovery Thermal oxidizers ( IPP stock numbers 232606 and 232607.)

Second Hand / Used Chemical Plant Recovery Systems - Solvent Recovery, Vapor Recovery, Waste Recovery

In addition to selling whole process plants and individual pieces of processing equipment, IPP also offers individual process lines or systems such as those used for solvent recovery, vapor recovery or waste recovery and recycling. In addition to the recovery systems you see here, we invite you to check out a selection of individual distillation, crystallization and recovery systems from a recent chemical plant liquidation.


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