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2750 hp dresser rand steam turbine turbine
( 2748 kw dresser rand steam turbine turbine )

IPPE Stock Number: 230240

Equipment Category TURBINE
Capacity 2750 HP / 2748 Kw
Product Description UNUSED, 2750 HP at 6540 RPM, CS, steam turbine designed to be used to drive a compressor, but can be used to drive other machines. Manufactured by Dresser-Rand, Series ET-186, model # E-1SU2B1504. Serial # T S04023. Five Rateau stages. Inlet steam vapor conditions; 910 psi at 878 degrees F, Steam discharge conditions: 59.7 psi at 482 degrees F. Normal speed is 6540 rpm, max. speed is 6760 rpm. First critical speed is 2900 rpm, second critical speed is 7800 rpm. Speed regulation is by a Woodward governor, model 505E. The turbine has the following alarms/shutdowns; Over speed, Emergency valve, solenoid valve, Low oil pressure, and high input steam pressure. Requires 63 gpm cooling water for oil cooler. Complete pressurized oil system operating at 116 psig. Size of turbine alone is 9’ x 6’ x 7’ at 14,000 lbs.

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