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Unused 3746 SqFT, Melter SA DE C.V. Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger. 304SS Tubes / 304SS Heads / CS Shell, National Board number 212, Serial Number MDI-333-3-4, Built 2007, Type NEN Horizontal. Rated


Used Batch Reactor Vessels

Because most industrial processes are centered in some type of batch reactor, there is a wide variety to choose from in the market. IPP's selection is no different with over 1,000 different reactor vessels in stock covering all common reactor materials of construction, a wide range of pressure reactor ratings and supported temperature ranges, both horizontal and vertical reactor orientations, an array of agitated reactor styles as well as specific process reactor types like slurry, oscillatory baffled, laboratory, bench scale, catalyst and Buss loop reactors among others. If you are looking for hydrogenation reactors, check out stock numbers 218175, 217830, 90768.

Over 60 Different Chemical Reactor Manufacturers In Stock

Our broad array of batch and continuous reactors were produced by over 60 different companies, ranging from leading chemical reactor manufacturers like Pfaudler, De Dietrich, Brighton and Paul Mueller to custom fabrication companies like Roben Manufacturing Inc.

Guide to Sorting IPP's Reactor Types

Narrow your search by choosing one of the product sub-groups first. We sort by the 2 primary characteristics that distinguish different types of reactors:

  1. Is the reactor vessel lined, either with glass or a metal like lead or nickel?
  2. Material of construction - various forms of steel and alloy steels are used because of the diversity in common reactants' corrosive nature and chemical properties.

Large Selection of Reglassed and Glass Lined Reactors

Find your glass-lined reactor in one of the industry's largest selections of new/unused, good quality used and reconditioned glass reactors by well-known glass lined reactor manufacturers like Pfaudler and De Dietrich. IPP has the exclusive ability to redo the glass in chemical reactors through its affiliate partnership with Pfaudler known as Universal Glasteel Equipment (UGE).

Variety In Reactors' Construction

Choose from reactors made from carbon steel (CS), various grades of stainless steel (SS) such as 304, 316, 316L or from reactors and vessels made from high performance cobalt and nickel alloys like HASTELLOY® C-276, Special Metals' Monel 400 & K-500, Inconel 600 & 625, Incoloy 904 as well as from Titanium and Zirconium alloys.

Most chemical reactors are jacketed reactors where a heat transfer fluid flowing in the space between the jacket and the reactor vessel outer wall is used instead of a heating coil. The common types of jackets are:

  • Conventional / Simple - outer cylinder encloses the reactor
  • Dimple Jacket - hemispherical dimples pressed into the jacket plate that wraps the reactor, good for low temperature heat transfer and pressures < 300 psi
  • Partial / Half Pipe Coil Jacket - pipe is cut in half the long way then wrapped around reactor in helix, most versatile design used for both high and low temperature heat transfer and high pressure applications


Used Reactor
logo of UGE - IPP partnership with Pfaudler.


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  Stock NumberProductSub GroupCapacityDescription
IPP Equipment Search Image 3628REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS600600 gallon nickel clad vertical autoclave/reactor. 38-3/4" dia x 8' str side, bolted dish top, welded dish btm. Mfd by Welding Engineers, Serial # 78-183-F, Internal rated 165 psi @ 400 deg F, jackett rated 150 psi @ 392 deg F. Has triple turbine agitator and baffles. No drive or motor. Str side 1.035" thick, head .989" thick. Openings top 4-2", 1-6",2-3", bottom 1-3".
IPP Equipment Search Image 19474REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS10001,000 gal Struthers Wells vert agit nickel clad reactor. 60" ID x 60" str side, weld dish heads. Full CS jkt. Has shaft w/3-blade impellor. Packing gland on shaft. (4) baffles on wall. Driven by 20 HP Falk gear reducer. Openings: top 18" manway (no cover), 4-4"; 4" center btm outlet.
IPP Equipment Search Image 35720REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS10001,000 gal Pfaudler titanium clad reactor. 66" dia x 60" str side, weld dish top and btm. SN E366-1033, NB #24648. Jkt rated 180 psi @ 350 deg F, 180 psi w/full vac int; int rated 100 psi/full vac @ 350 deg F. Inconel dimple jkt on straight side and bottom head. Unit has flange mounted, right angle design, top entering 4TW drive w/flange mtd 7.5 HP, 3/60/220/440 volt, 1750 rpm motor, UL label. Mech seal on shaft. 2 1/2" dia shaft w/4-blade turbine. (4) baffles on sidewall. Vessel has 3/16" thick titanium 20% palladium cladding. Openings: top 18" manway w/hinged cover and 5" sight glass, 1-2", 1-3", 1-8", 1-3 1/2" center for drive; 1-3" offset center btm outlet. Unit mtd on (4) CS pipe legs. (4) lugs.
IPP Equipment Search Image 74391REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS14001,400 gal Inconel vert jkt agit reactor. 66" dia x 7'10" str side, weld dish top and btm. Mfd by Gunthard, blt to ASME code, SN 632016. Int rated 100 psi/full vac @ 212 deg F, jkt rated 150 psi @ 212 deg F. Inconel dimple jkt. Flange mounted Pfaudler 5RW drive, Serial #5-01863P, Model #FMDWV-50500-EJD, 12.5: 1 ratio, 140 output rpm, direct driven by C-flange mounted 7.5 HP, 3/60/230/460 volt, 1800 rpm TEFC motor. Mech seal. 4" diameter x 70" long Inconel shaft with 4-blade straight impellor (6" x 12"), no baffle. Openings: top 1-18" manway w/cover, 5-5", 1-8", 3-4", 3-2"; top straight side 1-4" sight glass; 4" btm outlet.
IPP Equipment Search Image 82995REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS25002,500 gallon Monel K-500 / Monel 400 alloy clad vertical jacket agitated reactor body. 84" dia x 96" str side, weld dish top and btm. Mfd by Pfaudler, NB #13202, SN 54658. Internal rated 150 psi @ 550 deg F; jacket rated 150 psi @ 550 deg F, 150 psi/full vac. CS dimple jacket. (20) rows of 2" dia 304SS internal coil. 3" dia x 11' long SS shaft w/(2) pitch paddle blades. Packing gland. (4) baffles, 309/321 SS. Openings: top 1-16" w/cover, 1-10", 8-4", 2-2"; btm 1-4". (6) couplings for pipe legs.
IPP Equipment Search Image 83389REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS30003,000 gal Monel 400 clad vertical, 304SS half pipe jacket reactor body. 84" dia x 112" straight side, weld dish top and botomtm. Manufactured by Panhandle, SN P-7736-H (20047). Jacket by Roben, SN 92075-1. Internal rated 300 psi @ 350 deg F, jacket rated 150 psi @ 350 deg F. Openings: top 1-14" center, 1-20", 2-6", 2-8", 4-4"; btm 1-6". (4) H-beam legs.
IPP Equipment Search Image 85072REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS 450****1700 liter zirconium 702 reactor. 1200 mm diameter x 1400 mm straight side, flat bolted top, 600 mm conical bottom. Manufactured by Friedrichsfeld, SN 418, built 1985. Built to Din and ASTM specifications. Internal rated 6 bar, 1/2 pipe coil jacket rated 6 bar @ 200 deg C. Passavant mechanical seal on shaft. W/(4) baffles and gate style agitator. Aska drive, Type 110-3-80GL, 28:1 ratio, 53 rpm output, max 6 KW motor (no motor w/unit). Openings: top 4-100mm, 1-150mm, 1-150mm sight glass. Top is lined w/zirconium 702.
IPP Equipment Search Image 103479REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS 6602500 liter Hastelloy C-4 clad reactor. Manufactured by Pfaudler (Germany), Serial #98179, Type CW2500. Internal rated 16 bar and full vacuum, jacket rated 16 bar and full vacuum @ 200 degree C. 1500mm diameter x 1400mm straight side, welded dished heads. 3-blade retreat curved glass lined agitator. Mechanical seal on shaft with lubricator. VS20 agitator drive, 5:1 ratio, with Lenze Type 11.70 variable speed drive, 980-200 rpm output speed. Impellor output speed 196-40 rpm. Was driven by 10 KW, 3/60/380 volt, 1460 rpm EX motor. Openings: top 350mm x 450mm manway with cover and 100mm sight glass, 2-200mm, 5-100mm; 1-100mm center bottom outlet. Mounting ring. Total volume 3115 liters. Designed to CEOC standards.
IPP Equipment Search Image 105801REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS150150 gal Monel 400 vert jkt agit reactor. 40" dia x 28" str side, weld dish top and btm. Mfd by D&W Welding. Int rated 30 psi/full vac @ 300 deg F; jkt rated 100 psi @ 300 deg F. CS jkt. Lightnin agit drive, Mdl N33GB5-300, rated 3 HP. Driven by 3 HP, 3/60/230/460 volt, 1750 rpm motor. Mech seal. Openings: top 12" x 16" manway w/cover, 1-3", 1-2", 4-1 1/2"; btm 1-2". Mounts on (4) lugs.
IPP Equipment Search Image 108136REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS 125500 liter Hastelloy C-4 clad agiatated jacketed autoclave reactor. 800mm diameter x 1035mm straight side, bolted dished top, welded dished bottom. Manufactured by Wilner and Mutter (Germany), Serial #11278-203. Internal rated 64 bar, 1/2 coil jacket rated 28 bar @ 275 degree C. Equipped with Ekato Type EM060D agitator drive, Serial #86/183638, rated 65 bar. Mechanical seal, Type 581-060, on shaft with lubricator. Driven by 7.5 KW, 3/50/380/660 volt, 2900 rpm motor with Lenze variable speed drive, 700-1200 rpm. With (3) fin 200mm diameter propellor agitator. Openings: top 6-19mm, 1-150mm for baffle; 1-50mm bottom outlet with discharge valve. Overall height 400mm. Mounting lugs. Total volume 570 liter, jacket volume 90 liter. Designed to German TUV standards.
IPP Equipment Search Image 203107REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS10001000 gallon Hastelloy C276 internals, body, baffles and agitator. 304 SS dimple jacketed, agitated reactor , Manufactured by Addison Fabricators. NB # 285, serial # 7JB05. Internal MAWP rated for 25 psi at 450 degrees F, Jacket rated for 40 psi at 450 degrees F.58" diameter x 84" straight side, welded elliptical top and bottom heads. Top mounted Proquip agitator drive, with mechanical seal. Driven by a 5 HP 1750 rpm TECO AC motor. 3 blade pitch turbine agitator. Openings include: top (1) 18" manway, (1)3"; bottom center bottom outlet.
IPP Equipment Search Image 203331REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS1036 liter, Hastelloy C-276, Mitsubishi continous high viscosity reactor, rated 15000 CP @ 22.8 Kg/hr with a 37 minute retention time. Serial number E-1498, rated FV/10.5 Bar @ 400 degrees in the shell; 10 bar @ 400 degrees F in the CS jacket. Horizontal shell is 190 mm Diameter x 1745 mm long, with an intenal agitator shaft with discs, 150mm disk diameter. Unit has (53) discs on the shaft, 24 to 53 rpm disc speed. Shaft has double mechanical seals, and is belt driven through a vari speed gear reducer rated 900 rpm input to 279 to 1115 rpm output. 55 KW motor 3/60/480 volt. Unit is mounted on stand with the drive system, 2620 mm high x 1500 mm wide x 6427 mm long.
IPP Equipment Search Image 205269REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS150150 gallon Hastelloy reactor Manufactured by Markle, National Board number 698, rated 125 PSI @ 650 degrees F internal, 180 PSI in the CS jacket. 1'8" diameter x 10' straight side, welded dished heads.
IPP Equipment Search Image 205541REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS950950 Gallon Alloy 20CB3 jacketed reactor with internal Coil. Manufactured by Alloy Fab, National Board number 1484. Rated 5 psig @ 200 degrees C internal; 150 psig @ 390 degrees F in the jacket; 150 psig @ 390 degrees F in the coil. 304SS 1/2 pipe coil jacket. (2) banks of Alloy 20CB3 coil, 9 turns each. Welded dished top and bottom, 5' diameter x 5' 6" straight side. Top mounted 5 HP Chemineer agitator drive, 155 rpm, (2) sets of 3 blade pitched paddles, mechanical seal on shaft. Openings include: top - (2) 6", (2) 2", (2) 4", (1) 3", (1) 10" drive, (1) 18" manway with cover. Mounted on lugs.
IPP Equipment Search Image 206022REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS65006500 gallon Hastelloy D Clad, vertical jacket reactor, manufactured by Vulcan, Serial number 9839, National Board number 1788, rated 35 PSI @ 250 degrees F internal; 225 PSI @ 450 degrees F in the jacket. CS, 4" schedule 80 1/2 pipe coil jacket, on the shell OD and bottom head. Welded dished heads, top head flanged, MOC Carbon steel, 8'9" diameter x 12'3" straight side. Top mounted 50 HP agitator drive manufactured by Lightnin, model # 780-S-50, 21:1 ratio with 83.9 output rpm. 1.25" wall thickness with 1/4" cladding. Four Hastelloy D internal side wall baffles, 8.58" wide by 115" high with a side clearane of 1.42 and a bottom clearance of 22". Three sets of impellers, Type A320, 4.5" tapering to a 4" diameter shaft. Agitator material of construction, 316SS. Side wall cladding 0.24", bottom head cladding 0.23".
IPP Equipment Search Image 206204REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS17006.65 Cu meter Titanium Gr2 vertical pressure tank with internal coil, manufactured by Permascand (Sweden),Serial Number 9530, internal pressure 1 bar @ 50 degrees C, internal coil rated 5 bar @ 50 degrees C, ASTM B 265 Gr2 (Titanium). 1.8m diameter x 2.2m straight side, 3365mm total hieght. internal coil is full height of straight side, Openings: Top: 1- 500mm manway with cover and 125mm sight glass, 1-200mm, 1-100mm sightglass, 2-75mm, 3-50mm, mm; straight side: 3-100mm, 1-25mm, Bottom: 1- 80mm. Mounted on (4) lugs.
IPP Equipment Search Image 206207REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS14005.4 Cu meter Titanium Gr2 agitated reactor, manufactured by Permascand AB (Sweden), Serial Number 89560, Pressure Vessel Code TKN 1987 (Swedish), internal pressure 1 bar @ 120 degrees C. Straight side with (3) plate coils with c/steel heads. Material is titanium ASTM B 265 Gr.2. Top mounted agitator drive, SEW eurodrive Type RF87AM123S/M, max moment 1280 Nm, driven by a 6.8 KW motor, with a Hastelloy C-276 agitator shaft with 2-blade picthed paddles, 700mm span, vessel 1900mm diameter x 2300mm straight side. Openings include: Top 2-500mm manway, 1-150mm, 4-75mm, 7-50mm, straight side: 4-100mm, bottom: 1-100mm, mounted on (4) lugs
IPP Equipment Search Image 206208REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS17006.65 Cu meter Titanium Gr2 reactor, manufactured by Permascand AB (Sweden), 7.4 m3 total volume, Serial Number 9766, internal pressure 1 bar @ 50 degrees C; 1/2 pipe coil rated 3 bar @ 50 degrees C, ASTM B 265 Gr2 (Titanium). Weld dished top and bottom, 1760mm diameter x 3m straight side, 2-sets of 1/2 pipe coils on straight side and 1-set of 1/2 pipe coil on bottom dish, top mounted SEW drive driven by a 4KW 3/50/400V agitator drive, agitator speed 13 rpm, mechanical seal on shaft with lubricator. Openings include: Top - 1-500mm manway, 3- 80mm, 1-25mm, straight side: 1-125mm, 1-32mm, Bottom 2-25mm. Mounted on (4) lugs.
IPP Equipment Search Image 206501REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS22002200 gallon Hastelloy C276 reactor, Manufactured by Cryochem (Boyertown, PA), Serial Number 3880, National Board number 3880, Built 1998, Rated 100/FV @ -20 to 350 degrees F internal; 90/FV @ -20 to 350 degrees F in the 1/2 pipe coil jacket. 78" diameter x 84" straight side, shell is 1/4" thick; bottom head is 5/16" thick, top head is 5/16" thick; 1/2 pipe coil jacket is 3" schedule 40 pipe. With 3HP Philadelphia drive, Model PV2-PTO, 100 rpm output, mechanical seal on shaft with a 29" diamter, 4 blade pitched paddle turbine on a 2" diameter shaft, (4) baffles on side wall. Openings include: Top - (1) 18" manway with cover and MW assist, (1) 8", (2) 6", (4) 4"; Side - (1) 2" thermowell; Bottom - (1) 4" outlet. Thickness - shell 1/4", heads 5/16". Mounted on lugs.
IPP Equipment Search Image 210976REACTOREXOTIC ALLOYS350350 Gallon, Hastelloy C276 reactor wtih 321 SS plate coil jacket, Manufactured by Brighton, Serial Number C-5074. National Board number 5155, Vessel rated for FV/100 psi at 350 degrees F internal. Bolt on Panel coil jacket manufactured by Texas Division of Trantor, Serial # P27995H, National Board # 2481. Plate coil is rated for 30 psi at 350 degrees F. Inlet and outlet lines on plate coil are 1.5" diameter with weld neck flanges. Vessel is 42" diameter x 4' 9" straight side, with weld dish heads, currently mounted by legs, but can also be mounted by the bottom ring. Agitation is by a 1 hp, 1725 rpm Baldor motor, via a 2" ss shaft with a packing gland and a 3 blade propeller type agitator. Side openings are as follows: one 9", one 3", one 2", one 1.5" and one 1". Center top opening is 10" , and the remainder of the top openings are one 4", one 2" and four 1".
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