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Nara Model 5RW design paddle dryer/cooler with (2) agitators, each 15" diameter and 10' long. Continuous design. ASME coded jacketed trough built by Roben manufacturers, material of construction 304SS


Second Hand / Used Chemical Storage Tanks & Pressure Vessels - Choose From 304/316/316L Stainless Steel, Plastic, Plastic, Fiberglass & more

Used TanksFind chemical storage tanks and pressure vessels to meet your needs in one of the largest selections available for immediate delivery. In process industries, the term tank typically describes any vessel that is used for chemical storage or for mixing chemicals or other liquids.

Looking for fermentation tanks or fermenters or for chemical reactor vessels?

Common characteristics for industrial chemical storage and mixing tanks include:

  • vertical or horizontal orientation
  • flat or cone bottoms and flat or cone tops
  • pressure tanks are rated for high pressure or vacuum conditions
  • mixing tanks are agitated
  • Chemical storage vessels are typically not agitated.
  • Glass-lined tanks are used for storing or mixing harsh, corrosive chemicals like sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid.
  • sanitary tanks are used for pharmaceutical, food, beverage applications
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Expertise in Glass-Lined and Reglassed Storage Tanks

Previously owned glass-lined storage tanks and vessels are a strength for IPP because we are one of the few companies with in-house capabilities to reglass this equipment. Glass-lined tanks are used to store or mix chemicals that corrode alloy surfaces. Our stock often includes pieces from major glass lined vessel manufacturers like Pfaudler, DeDietrich, Tycon, and Ceramic Coatings.

Search Tips

With an assortment of 1,000's of used tanks and pressure vessels made from carbon steel, stainless steel, fiberglass/fiberglass reinforced plastic (frp), plastic (pvc, polymers, polypropylene), aluminum, metal alloys as well as an extensive selection of glass-lined tanks, we recommend you begin your search by first choosing one of the 10 used tank categories below and then use the capacity search or keyword search to narrow your options even further. For example, we typically have over 1,000 used stainless steel tanks in stock at any point in time.

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  Stock NumberProductSub GroupCapacityDescription
IPP Equipment Search Image 3096TANKSTAINLESS STEEL 15001,500 gal 304SS clad jkt agit reactor. 6' dia x 5' str side, dish top, cone btm, 36" deep. Int rated 15 psi. Openings: top 1-20" manway, 2-8", 3-3", 1-6", 2-1 1/2". 2-1/2" flanged btm outlet. Paddle and btm anchor type agit blade, 3 HP, 220 volt motor. Falk gear reducer 37.3 rpm output.
IPP Equipment Search Image 4516TANKGLASS LINED100100 gal glass lined vert open top receiver. Manufactured by Pfaudler, serial # E86497. 30" dia x 34" str side. Mdl VR-100. Designed pressure 25 psi and full vac, design temp 650 deg F. Openings: btm 1-2" outlet. Mtd on (3) legs.
IPP Equipment Search Image 4520TANKGLASS LINED100100 gal Pfaudler glass lined tank. 30" dia x 36" str side, open top, dish btm. SN E170-0857, NB #29015. Int rated 25 psi @ 650 deg F. Glass #3315. 1-3" btm outlet.
IPP Equipment Search Image 4920TANKSTAINLESS STEEL17501,750 gal 304SS clad vert jkt storage tank. 8' dia x 46" str side, flat weld top, dish weld btm. Jkt on str side only. Openings: top 1-18" w/cover, 3-3", 2-4", 1-2", 1-6" sight glass; btm 1-3".
IPP Equipment Search Image 5028TANKCERAMIC 160160 gal ceramic receiver. Elliptical shape, solid ceramic "Carboy". Mfd by General Ceramics Corp, SN 1437654, Mdl F9. Openings: top 2-3", 1-1"; btm 1-3". Skirt mtd.
IPP Equipment Search Image 7177TANKSTAINLESS STEEL 10001,000 gal 304SS vert mixing tank. 6' dia x 5' str side, open top. (3) 5' wooden agitators, 3 HP, 220 volts. 1-2 1/2" btm side outlet.
IPP Equipment Search Image 7789TANKGLASS LINED1010 gal glass lined receiver. 15" dia x 14" str side, dished heads, clamped cover. Openings: top 1-2" center, 3-1 1/2" nozzles; 3" center btm outlet. Rated 25 psi and full vacuum.
IPP Equipment Search Image 7825TANKGLASS LINED5050 gal Pfaudler glass lined open top tank. 24" dia x 24" str side, dish btm. SN #E-164-0736, NB #20508. Int rated 25 psi @ 650 deg F. Type 61 glass. 2" center btm outlet, 3-2" sight glasses. Mtd on (3) legs.
IPP Equipment Search Image 7860TANKGLASS LINED55 gal Pfaudler glass lined tank. 12" dia x 12" str side, dished heads. Openings: 3-2" inlets, 1-2" center btm outlet, side mounted glass level gauge, 3 side mounted legs. 25 psi and full vacuum.
IPP Equipment Search Image 8330TANKGLASS LINED600600 gallon glass lined horizontal tank. 48" diameter x 72" straight side, dished ends. Openings: 1-18" manway in top; 1-3" bottom.
IPP Equipment Search Image 8770TANKGLASS LINED3030 gal Pfaudler glass lined tank. 20" dia x 20" str side, open top, dish btm. SN E51971. Openings: side 2-1 1/2"; 1-2" center btm outlet. No legs, but w/(4) lugs at top for mounting.
IPP Equipment Search Image 8792TANKGLASS LINED55 gallon glass lined tank. 12" diameter x 12" straight side, dished heads. Openings: top 2-2", bottom 1-2" center outlet, clamped top. No legs, but has 3 lugs at top for mounting. Internal rated 25 psi. Mfd. by Pfaudler, SN E51411.
IPP Equipment Search Image 8876TANKGLASS LINED5050 gal glass lined tank. 24" dia x 24" str side, open top, dish btm. Openings: 2" center btm outlet. Mtd on (3) CS strap-on legs yielding 30" clearance.
IPP Equipment Search Image 9565TANKSTAINLESS STEEL 300300 gal 304SS vert tank. 36" dia x 6' str side, weld dish top and btm. Mfd by Fabrication Eng Serv Co. Designed for atmospheric pressure @ 70 deg F. Openings: top 1-1", 3-1 1/2", 1-3"; side 1-3", 1-6"; btm 1-1" drain and 1-1" outlet. Mtd on (4) angle iron legs w/24" clearance.
IPP Equipment Search Image 9699TANKSTAINLESS STEEL 16001,600 gal 304SS jkt mix tank. 6' dia x 7'6" str side, dish top and btm. Flange mtd Lightnin Mdl 318-TEC-15.2 mixer, 33-100 rpm output, ratio 17.1:1, w/packing gland. SS shaft w/(3) disc turbine impellers. Openings: top 6-2", 1-6", 1-4", 1-18" manway w/screw clamp cover; side 2-5" sights, 1-1"; btm 1-4". Int rated 15 psi, jkt rated 15 psi. Not Code stamped.
IPP Equipment Search Image 10258TANKGLASS LINED1010 gal Pfaudler P Series glass lined receiver btm. Int rated 25 psi. 2" center btm opening. Set up for (3) legs.
IPP Equipment Search Image 10271TANKGLASS LINED200200 gal glass lined vertical open top tank. 36" dia x 46" str side, dish btm. 1-2" center btm outlet. Setup for (4) legs. Reglassed by DeDietrich SA #1381-3, Glass #3008.
IPP Equipment Search Image 10350TANKGLASS LINED25002,500 gal horizontal glass lined Pfaudler Chemstor storage tank. 7' dia x 8' str side, dish heads. SN R265-0634. Rated 30 psi @ 300 deg F int. Openings: top 1-18" manway, 2-3", 1-2"; side btm 1-3" w/level gauge; side top 1-3"; btm 2-3" outlets. Tank supported on (4) legs.
IPP Equipment Search Image 10539TANKSTAINLESS STEEL16800UNUSED 16,800 gallon, 700 psi, 304SS clad vertical pressure tank Manufactured by Combustion Engineering Inc. Serial number 1308. National Board number 22529, Design pressure 700 internal with100 external. psi, 650 internal with 60 external psi @ 300 degress F. Vessel is 9' diameter x 33' straight side, welded dished heads. Openings: top 1-2"; side 4-1", 1-16" manway w/cover; btm 1-12", 1-1". Skirt mounted. Dry weight is 118,000 lbs.
IPP Equipment Search Image 10545TANKGLASS LINED200Reglassed 200 gal glass lined receiver btm only. 40" dia x 30" str side. No btm outlet. (4) couplings for leg supports.
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