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155 length inches shaft agitator drive
( 3937 length mm shaft agitator drive )

IPPE Stock Number: 212621

Equipment Category AGITATOR DRIVE
Sub Group SHAFT
Capacity 155 LENGTH INCHES / 3937 LENGTH MM
Product Description 3.5” diameter x 155” long, Hastelloy “C”, agitator shaft. Designed for use in a 4,000 gallon alloy reactor. 8.5” diameter x 1.5” bolting flange with 8; 3/8” bolt holes. Two shaft keyways 7/8” wide x ½” deep x 28” long. Initially designed for paddle type agitator blades, two available with this unit. Paddles are 9” long x 7.25’ high x 0.25” thick. These paddles mount on a circular plate 24 ¾” diameter designed to accept eight blades.


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