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13000 cfm sutorbilt rotary blower
( 22087 m3/h sutorbilt rotary blower )

IPPE Stock Number: 206783

Equipment Category BLOWER
Sub Group ROTARY
Capacity 13000 CFM / 22087 M3/h
Product Description 13,018 CFM, at 10 " HG, Carbon steel, Sutorbilt Positive Displacement Rotary type liquid sealed vacuum pump/blower, Manufactured by Fuller Co.(A GATX Co.) Sutorbilt products, Model # 16X48V-6821 W.S. Series 3200W. Pump capacity approximatly 13,000 CFM and is rated for 10 " vacuum @ 100 degrees F. 158 BHP. 20" inlet and outlet diameter. With splash oil lubrication system.


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