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125 tons fes low temp chiller
( 378000 kcal/h fes low temp chiller )

IPPE Stock Number: 207432

Equipment Category CHILLER
Sub Group LOW TEMP
Capacity 125 TONS / 378000 KCAL/h
Product Description 125 Ton , Zero Degree Glycol chiller, Manufactured by FES, model # 19ME. Serial # 94623042. Chiller use's 1250 lbs. of R-22 refrigerent. Skid mounted with FES digital micro control panel. Compressor is by FES and exchangers are by FES, and Thermo Power-York. National Board # 9177, MAWP is 300 psi at 400 degrees F, MDMT is -20 at 300 degrees F. Compresssor driven by a 300 hp, 4160 volt, 3575 rpm motor.Glycol Flow= 500 GPM, colling water flow= 500 gpm, Inlet temp.= 10-15 degrees F. Outlet temp. is delta 10 Degrees F.


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