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500 tons marley tower chiller
( 1511974 kcal/h marley tower chiller )

IPPE Stock Number: 213410

Equipment Category CHILLER
Sub Group TOWER
Capacity 500 TONS / 1511974 KCAL/h
Product Description 500 Ton, Galvanized Steel, Cooling Tower, manufactured by Marley. Type NC6011GC, Serial number 028139-001-92. (1) cell tower. Rated for 1500 GPM / 500 Ton ,hot water 95 degrees F. , cold water 85 degrees F., wet bulb 78 degrees F. 140" wide x 236" long x 132" high. MX=Lev fill with integral air Honeycomb and drift eliminator. 16" bottom outlet Hot water basin covers and equalization valves. 30 Hp fan one speed TEFC motor.


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