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1000 tons marley tower chiller
( 3024000 kcal/h marley tower chiller )

IPPE Stock Number: 214769

Equipment Category CHILLER
Sub Group TOWER
Capacity 1000 TONS / 3024000 KCAL/h
Product Description 1000 ton, Cooling tower, manufactured by Marley, five cell design, Series 880 double flow. Model # 5-8817, Serial # 5-8817-1-788-83. Five separate cells with type H3 Aluminum blade fans, 12 blades mounted on an aluminum hub. 120” diameter x 45.5 degree pitch, rated for 384 rpm. Vibration safety limit switch on each. Each fan driven through a series 20-20T gear reducer, via twin flex drive shaft. Ac electric motor, manufactured by Siemens –Allis, two speeds 40 /10 hp, 1800/900 rpm. 3 phase, 60 hz, 460 volts. Electric basin heaters designed to prevent freeze ups. Eight inch inlet lines: 10 sump outlet, rated for 2400 gpm. Overall dimensions 63’ 6.5” long x 21’ 10” wide x 14’ 5.25” high. Complete with ladders and handrails.


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